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NHI on International Workers Day


Glorious work makes dreams come true. During the May 1st International Worker’s Day, the vast number of workers from the frontline of Northern Heavy Industries Group Co., Ltd under Fangda Group, based on their own positions, set off a labor competing upsurge of "comprehensive cost reduction and 100 days' hard work", showing the upward spirit of enterprises after mixed ownership reform.

Mixed Ownership Reform Bringing New Vitality to NHI

As a traditional leading brand in the industry, NHI ranks an important position in the international and domestic heavy machinery manufacturing industry. The products of NHI cover mining industry, steel metallurgy industry, bulk material handling industry, energy industry, construction machinery industry, building material & environmental protection industry and other industries, with more than 500 varieties and 7000 specifications. NHI has more than 200 patented technologies, with more than 200 new products filling the national gap, and 130 products or technologies have won national science and technology awards at all levels. But in recent years, in the tide of market economy, and due to the old and backward operating system and heavy historical burden, the survival and development of NHI once again came to the critical moment of life and death. At this difficult point of crossroad, an opportunity came unexpectedly. On April 30th 2019, following the spirit of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on promoting the revitalization of Northeast China and deepening the reform of state-owned enterprises, and under the right guidance and promotion by Party Committee and municipal Government of Liaoning and Shenyang, NHI successfully completed the judicial restructuring and the mixed ownership reform. Liaoning Fangda Group became the largest shareholder of NHI based on the laws, thus making NHI conquer the summit with firm strides and step into a new chapter of historical development.

Liaoning Fangda Group, a well-known private enterprise started from Liaoning Province and now distributed around the whole country, mainly engaged in carbon, iron & steel industries and medical & pharmaceuticals services as its major business, and heavy machinery manufacturing, commerce, trade and real estate as complement. During the rapid development of Fangda Group, Mr. Fang Wei, the chairman of the board of Fangda Group with the belief of " return his hometown to invest and contribute to his hometown", participated in the judicial restructuring and mixed ownership reform of NHI after participating in the mixed reforms of Northeast Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. and Zhongxing Shenyang Commercial Building Group.

As the strategic investor, Fangda Group brought into NHI the completely market-oriented system, abundant capital resources, and a new business development concept. The enterprise value of "operating enterprise must be beneficial to government, enterprise and employees" was implemented. The inertia and behaviors as "sloth, relying and extortion" were obliterated. The general working guidance as "notion transformation, hard working and being practical and realistic" were put into execution to create a standardized, fair and credible business development environment where everyone is equal under the rules. An assessment and incentive mechanism as "golden Mountain in front, and tiger in the rear" and "more pay for more work" were promoted. Through a series of measures, the deepening reform of NHI has been effectively promoted, and NHI has been significantly enhanced with vitality and competitiveness in market. The old state-owned enterprise NHI has been renewed with new vitality, and the employees are now fully stimulated with enthusiasm for entrepreneurship and innovation.

Corporate Image Reshaped, and Numerous Orders Achieved from Domestic and International Markets

The contract for exporting a complete 600,000 t/a pelletizing plant in Mahavir, India was signed successfully. The orders for rotary kiln and annular cooler of 600,000 t/a oxidized pelletizing plant in FCL, Kazakhstan were achieved. The EPC contract for 5MT / a fine aggregate project of Gansu Huajian new materials Co., Ltd. had created a new record for such product orders.

Since the mixed reform, in order to help NHI rebuild the market as soon as possible and speed up the efforts to get out of the dilemma in all-round way, Fangda Group has mobilized more than 60,000 employees of the whole group for ideas, solutions, new orders, assists in signing contracts, and facilitation in the project under discussion, which has attracted sources for the market recovery.

With the support from Fangda Group, NHI successfully hosted the 6th China International Aggregate Technology Conference, and then successfully hosted the Overseas Agents Conference. With the continuous effects since the mixed ownership reform, NHI, with a new look, has pressed the "fast forward" button on its journey to explore the domestic and international markets, and frequently appeared in the industry's large-scale exhibitions, drawing the attention from markets and attracting new and old customers.

Now, a series of orders for major projects have been achieved successfully, which greatly boosted the confidence in developing markets by NHI, and laid a solid foundation for the formation of good situation by both overseas and domestic markets.

Welding Flowers Splashing on Holiday, Sweating of Hard Work irrigating Sweet Fruits

With the successful signing of a batch of large orders in the first quarter, and under the incentive mechanism as"more pay for more work", all employees of NHI were energized. They have been actively engaged in the prevention and control of covid-19 while trying best to resume normal production and operation.

In Xinjiang province, the poor construction environment was overcome at the site of Irtysh River conveyance project, and the equipment performance was optimized and adjusted to ensure that the TBM was tunneling on schedule. In Africa, challenges of the epidemic and high temperature were overcome, and the Habasha green cement production line in Ethiopia was successfully completed. During the holiday of International Workers' Day, the technical service and sales staff of NHI stick to the sites for both domestic and international projects, while in Shenyang factory, it was a busier scene.

Productions were rushed for cutting shears for PXSTEEL Industrial Co., Ltd, medium-speed mills for CISDI of MCC, stacker&reclaimer for Uzbekistan, gear spare parts for Vinh Tan TTP, etc. On May 1st International Worker’s Day, majority of employees stick to their positions, catching up with the delivery time and ensuring the quality. Nearly a thousand people were showed up at work per day. They worked hard for supporting the company’s activity as “100 days' hard work”, and showed the style of the strivers with their ordinary and passion.

In order to ensure the completion of assembly of heavy apron feeders for the project in Guizhou Dushan on time, specially-assigned persons were sent by the Transmission Branch before holiday to sub-supplier to track the processing progress of outsourcing parts. In order to seize the product assembly period, the assembly activities were arranged as soon as the relevant parts arrived at the factory. Workers were organized to tackle the difficulties, and the "acceleration" of product assembly was achieved.

More than 400 front-line workers from Major Component Machining Workshop stick to their posts and operate in 24-hour shifts. In order to meet the schedule, they worked out the processing plan in advance to improve the processing efficiency and seize valuable time for the subsequent production.

A high difficulty situation was faced in the frame assembly of the bridge type double buckets homogenizing reclaimer for Weifang special steel company, and cadres and employees from the Bulk Material Handling Equipment Workshop worked overtime to carry out technical analysis, adopted the four column diagonal measurement method, and completed the performance and assembly of two frames in one day, setting a new record of efficiency in performance and assembly.

The Mining & Building Materials Equipment Branch had sent 48 fitters to the installation sites, including Jiuzhou mining industry in Hebei Province, Shiheng special steel project with EPC by Sinosteel, and Weiyuan mining industry in Luanping county. Employees were working hard on the front lines of installation away from home, and completed tasks well and delivered to customers on time.

The cadres and employees from Petroleum Equipment Branch were striving to improve the field service efficiency at site and effectively improve the fracturing equipment system and construction technology. During the holiday, the target of great improvement on construction efficiency was achieved successfully. Under the severe challenge of the global oil price downturn, the fracturing construction revenue rose against the trend, and achieved valuable and gratifying results.


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